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as Lihappiness
- War Anthems (Jan. 2018 [TTATT-08])
- Block Play On A Music Sequencer/シーケンサー上の積み木遊び (Dec. 2016 [TTATT-07])
- Shiyō (Nov. 2015 [TTATT-06])
- 2nd Pattern  (Aug. 2014 [TTATT-04])
as Drums & Lihappiness
- Drums & Lihappiness (Mar. 2011 [TTATT-02])

as Drums & Lihappiness
- B.P. 1/Nnono (Sep. 2010 [TTATT-001])

Compilation Albums
- More Studies (Aug. 2021 [TTATT-009])
- Studies (Aug. 2013 [TTATT-003])

Reviews: Clear and refreshing (1, 2, 3), Le blog du quinquado
Interviews: Prémonition
Fun music video: まだ/Mada

Oct. 2009 「Drums & Lihappiness」として結成。
Sep. 2010 自主レーベル「TTATT」にて、1st EP『B.P. 1/Nnono』を配信。
Mar. 2011 1stアルバム『Drums & Lihappiness』を配信。
Jul. 2011 ドラムのAlumiが脱退。「Lihappiness」に改名し、以降ソロプロジェクトに。
Aug. 2013 初期の未発表曲を集めたコンピレーションアルバム『Studies』を配信。
Aug. 2014 Lihappiness名義での1stアルバム『2nd Pattern』を配信。
Nov. 2015 2ndアルバム『Shiyo』を配信。
Dec. 2016 3rdアルバム『シーケンサー上の積み木遊び』を配信。
Jan. 2018 4thアルバム『War Anthems』を配信。
Aug. 2021 リミックス・未発表曲を集めた2ndコンピレーションアルバム『More Studies』を配信。

Oct. 2009: Formed as Drums & Lihapiness.
Sep. 2010: Released the 1st EP "B.P. 1/Nnono" from own record label TTATT.
Mar. 2011: Released the album "Drums & Lihappiness", which was the 1st and only one as Drums & Lihappiness.
Jul. 2011: Drummer Alumi left the group and Lihappiness became a solo project.
Aug. 2013: Released the compilation album "Studies", which was composed of unreleased tracks.
Aug. 2014: Released the 1st album "2nd Pattern" as Lihappiness.
Nov. 2014: Released the compilation album "Vocaloid Songs" under the name of Tookato, which was comprised of tracks using Vocaloid.
Nov. 2015: Released the 2nd album "Shiyo".
Dec. 2016: Released the 3rd album "Block Play On A Music Sequencer".
Jan. 2018: Released the 4th album "War Anthems".
Aug. 2021: Released the 2nd compilation album "More Studies", which was composed of the past remixes and unreleased tracks.